An altcoin savings plan, gift box, and passive investment tool.


A simple set it and forget it method to supplement your altcoin portfolio.

Piggy Boxxy is a monthly subscription where you will receive, in the postal mail, a variety pack of paper wallets containing some denomination of altcoins.

The Piggy Boxxy is a perfect gift for your cryptocurrency afficianados.

The wallets are tested, unhackable (they are offline), and when you're ready - extremely easy to transfer to other coins and exchanges.

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Piggy Boxxy makes your life easier. You don't need to spend tired hours studying which altcoins to invest in. With this passive subscription service, every month you will get paper wallets in the mail. Treat yo' self!

Passive Collection

The best value of the service is that the hottest coins are strategically selected for you by our expert staff, saving you precious time. You won't miss out.

A Great Gift

We're all in this together. Spread the wealth (of joy) you are getting with all your friends. The more coin investors, the more volume of trade, the more money to be made! The paper wallet makes a great gift where you don't have to worry about accounts, security, or ... computers!

Paper Wallets Are Like Cash

Throw your wallet into a shoebox for a rainy day. You don't have to do anything; the coin value is locked forever in the blockchain. Trade them, save them, give them to Mom!


What's included with Piggy Boxxy

High quality color prints maintains readability by QR code or transposition

We include an altcoin info sheet for beginners and also a coin project spec sheet so that you can learn more about the coin you receive

Expert coin selection by proprietary AI routines; vetted by experienced staffers

Selected altcoins will have a minimum marketcap size of $250,000 USD (per DataDash)

Select altcoins will be found on the top 250 of CoinMarketCap

We're always improving! Our proprietary prediction gets better over time


Straight forward subscriptions via Paypal. Cancel anytime.


$35 / mo : 1 altcoin wallet


$50 / mo : 2+ altcoin wallets


$100 / mo : 5+ altcoin wallets


Each wallet may contain different altcoin types. Our staff tests the spending of coins from every wallet type.

Recommended instructions on how to spend/import/exchange the coins will always be available on this site here.

Choose your own software or method. Our paper wallets use industry standards for printing and importing private keys to your wallet of choice.